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If you're a fan of puzzle games, then you should check out Machinarium. It's a relatively new game that has been met with critical acclaim, and it's not hard to see why. It's an incredibly well-made puzzle game with charming graphics and engaging gameplay.


In Machinarium, you play as a small robot who has been ejected from the city of Machinarium and must find his way back. The gameplay is a mix of puzzle-solving and platforming, and it's generally quite challenging. There are a few different types of puzzles you'll encounter, but the most common are those that require you to figure out how to get past obstacles. The controls are simple but effective, and the game is forgiving enough that you can usually brute-force your way through a difficult level if you get stuck.


The graphics in Machinarium are absolutely stunning. The robots are all beautifully designed, and the environments are impressively detailed. It really feels like you're walking through a living, breathing world. They are colorful and cartoon-like, and they look like something out of a children’s book. This makes the game very visually appealing, and it is a lot of fun to look at.


The controls in Machinarium are simple but effective. Your robot can walk, jump, and pick up and use objects. The controls are easy to learn and use, and they work well in the context of the game. Everything is controlled using the mouse, and you can easily move your character around and interact with objects. This makes the game easy to play, and you will not have any trouble navigating the world.


Machinarium is a relatively short game, but it's quite replayable. There are a few different endings, and the game is challenging enough that you'll likely want to play through it again after you finish it. However, the game does have a few different endings, and it is worth playing through again to see all of them. This gives the game some replay value, and you will enjoy playing it multiple times.


If you're a fan of puzzle games, then you should definitely check out Machinarium. It's an incredibly well-made game with stunning graphics and engaging gameplay. 
Overall, Machinarium is a great game that is visually appealing and easy to control. The short length may disappoint some players, but the game is worth playing through again to see all of the different endings.



  • The game is very challenging and requires a lot of thought to complete
  • The graphics are beautiful, and the game world is very interesting
  • The music is fantastic and fits the game perfectly


  • The game can be quite frustrating at times
  • The controls can be a bit confusing and difficult to use


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