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Gacha Plus

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Launched by FemLol Studio, Gacha Plus is a unique standalone modification of fan-favorite RPG, Gacha Club. It presents a marvelous blend of familiar gameplay combined with more variety in customization options and high-resolution artwork. This free-to-play role-playing game certainly deserves a spotlight in the Gacha community.

A Game Familiar Yet Different

Echoing the rules of Gacha Neon and Gacha Nox, Gacha Plus necessitates players to style their virtual avatars and mingle with others in the virtual world. It's not merely a social platform; there are opportunities to reap in-game bonuses through engaging Mini-Games and Battle events. The bonus leads to unlocking a wider range of content, and the Studio Mode allows players to command their tale and create custom scenes.

An Independent Version of Its Predecessor

Although Gacha Plus is a mod, it operates independently and doesn't need for you to own the Lumine RPG game. It enriches the gaming experience through a widened collection of costumes, backgrounds, and accessories. Exclusively new material in superior resolution will make up for a significant part of the library. Isn't that exciting?

New Customization and Graphics

This game not only allows the players to flaunt their artistic side but also shines in its impressive visual aspect. The resplendent high-resolution artworks are a treat to the eyes of the player and amplifies an otherwise usual gaming experience into the realm of enchanting aesthetics.

Technical Issues: A Reality

It's not all sunshine, though. The technical performance of Gacha Plus leaves room for improvement. Unnecessary buffering with a loading screen during certain segments can fray on a player's patience, especially when making minute adjustments. Also, some users have reported occasional freezes and unexpected crashes. 

Gacha Plus: A Celebration of Customization 

Overall, Gacha Plus proves to be a significant addition to the spectrum of Gacha-inspired games. It has successfully managed to maintain the original feel while enhancing the customization options. Despite some technical glitches, the game is worth exploring for its superior art and content variety.


  • High-resolution detailed artworks
  • A large array of customization options
  • Free-to-play
  • Emphasizes social interaction
  • Mini-Games and Battle events for additional rewards.


  • Sudden Freezing and crashing
  • Unnecessary loading screen, causing delays
  • Minor adjustments taking more time than expected due to buffering.


Gacha Plus Gacha Plus
Gacha Plus