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Among Us is an episodic, narrative-driven game that puts you in control of a group of survivors in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. The game is set up like a choose-your-own-adventure book, and each decision you make has far-reaching consequences for the rest of the game.


Among Us is a point-and-click adventure game. You control a group of survivors and must make decisions that will keep them alive. The game is split into episodes, and each episode has several different endings. The game is heavily reliant on dialogue, and most of your choices come down to choosing who to trust and who to betray.


The graphics are fairly basic, but they get the job done. The developers seem to have put more emphasis on the story and the gameplay than on the graphics. The character models are well-made, and the environments look very realistic. The only downside is that there is some occasional clipping, but it is not a major issue. 


The controls are simple and easy to learn. You can move your cursor around the screen to select different options, and you can click on items to interact with them. They are very responsive, and there is no delay between when you press a button and when something happens on the screen. The only issue is that it can be challenging to make precise movements, but this is not a major issue. 


The game has a lot of replay value, thanks to its branching storylines and multiple endings. There is a lot of incentive to play through the game again and see what different choices you can make. There are a lot of things to do in the game, and it is very fun to play. You can explore the world, do side quests, and collect items. There is also a lot of dialogue, which helps to add some variety to each playthrough.


Among Us is a well-made game with an interesting story and engaging gameplay. The choices you make have a significant impact on the outcome of the game, and there is a lot of replay value. The graphics are basic but functional, and the controls are easy to learn. If you're looking for a good zombie apocalypse game, Among Us is definitely worth a look.



  • The game is extremely fun and addicting, and it is a great way to kill time
  • The game is also very challenging, and it is a great way to test your skills and reflexes
  • The graphics are very well done, and the game is overall very polished


  • The game can be a bit too challenging at times, and it can be frustrating to die over and over again
  • The game is also very short, and it can be difficult to find people to play with


Among Us Among Us Among Us Among Us
Among Us
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