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Gacha Neon

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It offers similar mechanics, but without the time and element limitations. And, like the original game, you can freely create stories with characters, mixing and matching all sorts of elements. Gacha Neon lets you access all the features of Gacha Life when it comes to creating your own avatar and then participating in all sorts of stories. You'll be able to edit both appearance and accessories or pets, gaining access to different game modes that allow you to meet other players.

If you enjoyed the original game, you will definitely enjoy this long-awaited update from Gacha Neon, especially since it takes the best features of the original game and improves it. Other similar games in this genre include Gacha Club and Gacha Star .


Although Gacha Neon is largely based on Gacha Life, it is important to note that it is a separate game, not a mod. Although you can play the app on its own , it also means that your account in any other gacha game will not be exported - you will have to start all over again . This will force you to go through similar gameplay over and over again for newcomers.

In terms of features, it lives up to the neon part of its name, as some of the new settings use bright neon color palettes . There are new character models such as Gacha DJs, Luni and Ramunade, which give you a vibrant urban atmosphere. Of course, you can still take certain elements such as hair, clothes or accessories and mix them to create your unique virtual avatar.

Finally, even though this is an unofficial extension for the original game, it doesn't work as a money grab via incessant advertising. There are no third-party apps in this app, although you can see your own, showing you the promotions and events available to you, your server, or your country at the moment. However, these ads are unobtrusive and fit seamlessly into the game.

An indispensable thing for gachie fans

Because of the way it builds on the strengths of the original, Gacha Neon manages to stand out in a heavily modified, heavily copied game sub-genre. It is playable on its own, without the need for other apps. However, this means a new game for everyone, and all progress is lost. Also, its visual elements create a lot more combinations in terms of fashion and accessories. Recommended.


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