WhatsApp Starts Communities for Better Engagement

  • 09-11-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

WhatsApp releases the Communities service to increase the engagement level and topic-based discovery. An announcement of the upgrade was made in April. Only in November, all the work was done, and WhatsApp finally launched the updated Communities which will add more functions to the group chats for all users.

The news appeared on the official page of WhatsApp on Twitter. WhatsApp officials said that admins can now bring similar and related to each other groups to one place, keeping them together. It allows them to keep all the conversations well-organized. They also underlined that the new update offers a high level of protection and a better connection. Users can now connect the chats that are related to the group and have the same banner.

WhatsApp said that there are plenty of communities that can win from the new update. For example, they mentioned group chats of neighbors, workplaces, and even parents as the school. They can organize conversations within several chats and still stay focused on the subject. Every Community will have its own description, including a brief task of the community. There will be a menu filled with subgroups related to the main one. Members of this Community will be able to join each subgroup without losing focus on the main one. This new update can help users to connect to the information they need quickly and safely. Apart from that, WhatsApp offers more forms for discovery. There are even more possible ways to stay in touch with each other for users.

Brands can use these new opportunities to improve their sales or to gain an audience. They can build a stronger community within one brand. Users will be able to switch topics and stay connected to the company.

What do you think about the new update? Are you eager to try the feature? Express your thoughts in the comments below.