Get To Know Your Viewers With YouTube Analytics

  • 18-06-2022 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

Understanding the needs of your target audience and the popular trends among your viewers is the key to the success of your YouTube channel. Fortunately, the service provides all the necessary tools to allow you to analyze user activity to offer them the most relevant content. Let's talk about how to get the most out of YouTube Analytics.

How to Find It

Launch the platform's web version (because not all options may be available in the mobile app) and go to your profile. Next, you need to find the YouTube Studio and pick the Analytics option from the menu on the left side of the screen. This section consists of several tabs that provide graphs with an analysis of the time spent watching your videos, user engagement, comments under your posts, demographics, and more. All this data allows you to understand which categories of viewers your channel attracts and what materials are most in demand.

Analytics Features

You can view graphs and statistics at the level of the whole channel or individual videos. However, keep in mind that some information may not be available if your content does not get enough traffic for in-depth analysis or if you set too strict filters. By the way, you can not only view the data online but also export them to your device. This information this way will not be updated in real-time.

Overview tab

The first tab shows how well your channel is performing. Here's a summary of the number of views, time spent, and subscribers. Also, your income will be shown here if you monetize your materials. At the same time, the service gives an approximate assessment of progress and shows whether the demand for the channel has changed or remained the same compared to the previous period.

You can see the statistics for the ten most popular videos in the same tab. And on the right side of the screen is the Realtime Activity, which is updated in real-time with only a slight delay. Here you can see the technical aspects of the last two days, such as devices users used to log in, locations, number of views, etc.

Reach tab

Here is a unique statistic on how YouTubers discover your content. You can evaluate different types of traffic sources, how viewers share your videos with friends, which playlists your content has been added to, search phrases, and more. All services and resources that may contain links to your videos are used to collect this information. Use filters to get deeper insights.

Engagement tab

This section lets you find out how long users watch your content and the average session duration. It also displays information about which fragments were the most interesting for viewers, the ratio of dislikes and likes, and the number of clicks on the final splash screen. IT will help you assess the interests of your target audience.

Audience tab

The name of the tab speaks for itself. It provides information about who exactly watches your content: new and old users, unique viewers, sponsors, etc. You can see who subscribed to your notifications, which videos get the most engagement, audience demographics, subtitle languages, devices, and more.

Revenue tab

This tab appears only for accounts participating in the platform's affiliate program. Here you can see your transaction revenue, the content that generates the most profit, the types of ads, and a breakdown of revenue by month. You can estimate the average profit by various parameters, for example, per thousand views.

All this analytical information is available only to account holders and is not published in the public domain. Have you been familiar with YouTube Analytics before? What metrics do you find most useful for your business?